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The Northeast Ohio National Day of Prayer events are sponsored by the Ohio non-profit organization called One Mind One Mouth Ministries - or OMOM for short. OMOM was established as a 501c3 non-profit in Ohio in 2012 for the purpose of "Facilitating Oneness in the Body of Christ through the Word, Worship, and Prayer". The annual National Day of Prayer event held in North-east Ohio is one of the foundational ministries that they prayer-fully and financially support. This website is one example of this.

Please select the OMOM graphic below to learn more about this organization, and how they are working to facilitate ONENESS in the Body of Christ here in Northeast Ohio.

NDP Cleveland - 2015 Pictures

Our Cleveland NDP 2015 celebration was immensely blessed with a great turnout of over 100 people!

It included musicians, choirs, artists, dancers, and most important - prayer warriors representing many churches thruout the Greater Cleveland area! It was awesome to see cross-cultural diversity of all ages united in prayer! Oneness! Select the link below to see our pictures.


NDP Sponsoring Organization - OMOM

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